Pintuberri Industrial

Digitalisation of Component Painting

Data capture process of variables (temperature, pH, pressure and conductivity) was carried out manually, causing errors due to incorrect temperature data entry. There was no historical access to data on the painting of parts by manufacturer.

Benefits and return on investment:

  • Control of the chain, painting and oven process.
  • Generation of alarms, avoiding loss of complete processes.
  • Ability to improve paint quality by analysing data.
  • Faster and more efficient quality audits.

Domusa Teknik

Connected Boilers

Awareness of the status of the boiler by the manufacturer and the SAT via internet connection with mobile app.

Benefits and return on investment:

Remote control of the boiler by the manufacturer, SAT and user.
Preventive and predictive maintenance.
Better end user experience.
Continuous improvement in the manufacture of new versions and models.


Catering Food Cart Digitalisation

Temperature control of food in chilling trolleys.

Benefits and return on investment:

  • Automation of manual processes.
  • Energy savings in the cooling process.
  • Quality audits, online data history.
  • Deliveries at the agreed temperature.
  • Increased food safety.

Acciona Water

Water Meter Digitalisation

LoRaWAN network for digitisation of water meters.

Benefits and return on investment:

  • Daily control of water consumption.
  • Alert of leaks and excessive consumption.
  • Real billing of the water consumed.

*Additional services: Waste control, lighting and geolocation of company vehicles.

Loire Gestamp

Equipment Location

Real-time location of special tools shared between different industrial plants.

Benefits and return on investment:

  • Efficient use of tools per project and plant.
  • Savings in the loss of tools of high economic value.
  • Real-time location of their situation.

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