Hispasat, REE & Elewit

Municipal and Farming Services Digitisation

Digitalisation of municipal services to improve and save money.

Installation of WiFi satellite connectivity points in cabins located in remote areas, digital cowbells for livestock, sensors for access to the interior of the cabins and fire risk -both inside and in neighbouring areas-, sensors to control access to the commonwealth, smart parking and sensors to control public lighting in the area around Abaltzisketa (Gipuzkoa) – the municipality with the largest portion of land in the commonwealth.


Smart irrigation

Implementation of an intelligent and automated irrigation system.


  • Saving water and irrigation when necessary.
  • Control of the degree of irrigation at surface and sprinkler level.
  • Automation of irrigation based on rainfall forecasts.


Digitalisation of cheese processing and ripening

Digitalisation of the production process to facilitate the daily work of small dairies and put an end to costly manual traceability controls in paper format.

The benefits:

  • Automation of processes.
  • Rapid response to food alerts.
  • Automated decision making.
  • Homogenisation of product quality.
  • Control of milk fat, volume, pH and temperature.
  • Control of maturation.

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