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Housing Digitalisation

Monitoring the habitability conditions of a building and its dwellings makes it possible to optimise resources and save on maintenance and energy consumption.

Tasks performed:

– Strategically placed LoRaWAN full coverage indoor communication gateways.

– Installation of environmental quality sensors that monitor temperature, CO2 and humidity.

– Commissioning of LoRaWAN smart meters.


  • Energy savings.
  • Less wear and tear and less maintenance.
  • Delivery of digitalised flats favouring rental or sale.
  • Obtaining data to know the real use of the homes and the building.

Hispasat, REE & Elewit

Municipal and Farming Services Digitisation

Digitalisation of municipal services to improve and save money.

Installation of WiFi satellite connectivity points in cabins located in remote areas, digital cowbells for livestock, sensors for access to the interior of the cabins and fire risk -both inside and in neighbouring areas-, sensors to control access to the commonwealth, smart parking and sensors to control public lighting in the area around Abaltzisketa (Gipuzkoa) – the municipality with the largest portion of land in the commonwealth.


Personnel and Machinery Tracking

Obtained benefits:

  • Control of the number of people, machines and the most efficient production or downtime hours and analysis.
  • Recording of unsafe acts that may occur and capacity for immediate response to emergencies or people with problems.
  • Knowledge of their situation inside the plant at all times.
  • The status of its functional and operational parameters.
  • Substantial savings derived from the management of maintenance and monitoring of machinery and equipment.Additional productive areas with the capacity to be added to the management system.
  • Documented information, assimilable to any ISO standard and/or certification system.

Hispasat, REE & Elewit

Efficiency and Safety in Fishing Environments through IoT

Digitalisation of fishing operations, traceability of catches, crew welfare and vessel safety. Noise and vibration control of engines and pumps, CO2, fridge temperature and fire detection.


  • Increased catches due to noise and vibration control.
  • Improved crew conditions.
  • Preventive maintenance of engines and pumps.


Smart irrigation

Implementation of an intelligent and automated irrigation system.


  • Saving water and irrigation when necessary.
  • Control of the degree of irrigation at surface and sprinkler level.
  • Automation of irrigation based on rainfall forecasts.


Digitalisation of cheese processing and ripening

Digitalisation of the production process to facilitate the daily work of small dairies and put an end to costly manual traceability controls in paper format.

The benefits:

  • Automation of processes.
  • Rapid response to food alerts.
  • Automated decision making.
  • Homogenisation of product quality.
  • Control of milk fat, volume, pH and temperature.
  • Control of maturation.

Pintuberri Industrial

Digitalisation of Component Painting

Data capture process of variables (temperature, pH, pressure and conductivity) was carried out manually, causing errors due to incorrect temperature data entry. There was no historical access to data on the painting of parts by manufacturer.

Benefits and return on investment:

  • Control of the chain, painting and oven process.
  • Generation of alarms, avoiding loss of complete processes.
  • Ability to improve paint quality by analysing data.
  • Faster and more efficient quality audits.

Domusa Teknik

Connected Boilers

Awareness of the status of the boiler by the manufacturer and the SAT via internet connection with mobile app.

Benefits and return on investment:

Remote control of the boiler by the manufacturer, SAT and user.
Preventive and predictive maintenance.
Better end user experience.
Continuous improvement in the manufacture of new versions and models.


Catering Food Cart Digitalisation

Temperature control of food in chilling trolleys.

Benefits and return on investment:

  • Automation of manual processes.
  • Energy savings in the cooling process.
  • Quality audits, online data history.
  • Deliveries at the agreed temperature.
  • Increased food safety.

Acciona Water

Water Meter Digitalisation

LoRaWAN network for digitisation of water meters.

Benefits and return on investment:

  • Daily control of water consumption.
  • Alert of leaks and excessive consumption.
  • Real billing of the water consumed.

*Additional services: Waste control, lighting and geolocation of company vehicles.


Retail shop digitalisation

Energy control, customer flow control, local security and comfort.

Benefits and return on investment:

  • Savings in energy consumption.
  • Increased security against fire, flooding and theft.
  • Customer flow control, people counting.
  • Environmental comfort.

Loire Gestamp

Equipment Location

Real-time location of special tools shared between different industrial plants.

Benefits and return on investment:

  • Efficient use of tools per project and plant.
  • Savings in the loss of tools of high economic value.
  • Real-time location of their situation.

Helium Network

Nexmachina Selects The People’s Network & Launches

Nexmachina Selects The People’s Network & Launches

Nexmachina joins The People’s Network from Spain as the newest partner to the Helium ecosystem! The largest LoRaWAN network of the world.
Nexmachina is also working closely with Wiongo, a top wireless operator, to deploy coverage rapidly and launch a suite of new IoT solutions. In a sprint, Nexmachina and Wiongo will immediately have the first 150 Hotspots in the best cities in Spain. Once these are deployed, they plan on continuing to work together to expand The People’s Network and increase usage.

Acciona Mexico


Airport people counting.  Camera-less people counting system for indoor/outdoor use with LoRaWAN™ connectivity. The system includes powerful signal processing that enables bi-directional people counting with real-time monitoring and data analysis.

Benefits and return on investment

  • People flow control
  • Improve space planning
  • Attract investment using actual footfall data
  • Monitor campaign and event efficiency
  • No more discussions about privacy violations



Industrial company with more than 40 years of experience has chosen the iQmenic IoT cloud platform as part of the digitalization strategy of its Inpro Connected kits and water level devices, fuels, LPG, oils… applied in critical infrastructures of Oil & Gas, Chemical,… sectors.
Dedicated hosting and customization of the platform under the Inprocloud name and brand. Support and customized developments in the platform for the integration of the equipment that Inpro supplies from its headquarters in Madrid.


Mercedes Benz

  • LoRaWAN wireless coverage network in rough and final assembly plants for digitalization of fluid meters and other infrastructures.
  • Meter sensorization through LoRaWAN communication module.
  • Cloud platform and iQmenic mobile app for monitoring and data capture of meters (air, water, electric).
  • Savings of 50% compared to wired deployments.

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